Affiliate Member Application

An affiliate membership with the Denver NARPM® chapter connects your business to hundreds of property managers throughout the Denver Metro area that need your expertise. Some of the benefits of joining are:

  • Exposure on the Denver NARPM® website
  • Eligibility to be a sponsor for the Denver NARPM® Chapter monthly luncheons
  • Option to be one of the sponsors for the annual Property Management Conference
  • Use of the NARPM® logo
  • Access to events attended by professional property managers and industry leaders

Affiliate membership is tied to the Company first, and the member second.

For example:

ABC Company joins as an affiliate member.  The company can designate one company contact to be a member who will be listed on the website as the company contact.  Additional contacts for a company may join as a new affiliate member and pay the membership fee.

If ABC Company joins as an affiliate member and designates an individual as the company contact and this individual leaves the company or ABC Company simply wants to transfer the membership to a new individual they can do so, as long as the original contact is removed from membership.

If an individual leaves ABC Company for any reason and wishes to keep his or her membership, he or she needs to join as a new affiliate member with the new company.